How to use scented wax melts

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Want to know how to use scented wax melts?

You may be new to scented wax melts and want to know how to use them? You've come to the right place. We're going to tell you how easy it is and within minutes, you'll have your home smelling gorgeous!

Scented wax melts are little cubes or pieces of fragranced wax that can be broken up to use in a burner to fill a room with a delightful aroma!

There are different types of wax burners on the market but the one we like to use for best results is a tea light burner. It's nice and easy, and find that a tea light burner melt the wax quickly and gives a faster hot throw.

how to use scented wax melts

How to use scented wax safely

To use our scented wax melts safely, ensure that your burner is clean, dry, and placed on a flat, heatproof surface away from an open window and keep clear of anything flammable. A reminder, also, to never leave lit candles unattended and keep out of reach of children and pets.

To enjoy a room filled with delicious aroma, simply snap a couple of cubes off from your favourite wax melt snap bars or a piece or two of cute shape wax melts. If you're feeling experimental, why not combine your two of your favourite fragrances to create a unique blend!

how to use scented wax melts

We advise that two to three cubes of wax is typically more than enough to fragrance a room and that two cubes provide upto 8-12 hours of burn time. However, be aware of factors such as the type of wax burner you're using and your room size which may effect this.

We live in an old property with a higher-than-normal-ceiling and can take slightly longer-than-usual to fill the space, but 2-3 chunks of wax is more than enough for us, and another tip is to shut the doors so that the scent is retained within the room you are burning the wax melts in.

how to use scented wax melts

Keep burning the same wax pieces until the scent has completely disappeared before safely removing it and replace with new scented wax melt cubes. You can usually use 2 or 3 tea lights before the scent disappears.

Oh, and do you want to know how to easily remove the wax from your burner? It's a life hack that I wish I knew sooner! Follow our step-by-step video guide on Instagram! (Thank us later!) ;-)

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