Lucky Dip (8-piece)

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Are you adventurous at trying new things? Or simply can't decide on which scents to pick? Perhaps you're looking for a nice gift for someone who is a wax melt addict?

Let us select at random 6 different scents for only £10!

What's in the Lucky Dips?

We're excited to introduce you to the 8-piece lucky dips will include the following scented wax melts:

  • 1 x signature snap bar wax melt
  • 1 x Large geo heart wax melt
  • 4 x heart shaped wax melts (2 x hearts in different scents)
  • 2 x honeycomb/bee wax melt (each 2 a different scent)

That's 8 wax melts, and 6 different scents, for just £10!

The scents of the wax melts for the Lucky Dips will be chosen at complete random from any of the scents available on our website.

6 scents chosen at random!

As selection is at random random, we are unable to guarantee a certain scent will be included in your order - but if there's a scent you really don't want us to include, please leave a note on your order upon checkout (or email us after an order is placed) and we'll avoid putting it in to your parcel.

Burn time will be dependant on the size/amount used, however, 10-20g of wax will last up to a minimum of 12-16+ hours of burn time.

All products CLP compliant. Colours and wax melts scents will vary from what is shown in the sample image.